Police bust up Broadway march after broken window, reports of crowd violence

Police, some wearing riot gear and carrying crowd control weaponry, swarmed a roving Pride weekend march on Broadway early Sunday morning. At least one person was taken into custody near Broadway and John after police moved in when the male and others tried to reportedly damage an ATM and move a street barricade into the road to block a phalanx of SPD cruisers that had been following the more-than-100 person crowd just after midnight.

This was not the first time a “flash mob” has developed around Pike/Pine on Pride Saturday night. Last year, a crowd of about 300 also marched through Pike/Pine and onto Broadway. In 2010, too, a bank was among some of the targets for damage.

Earlier Saturday night as the roving crowd circled Pike/Pine with boombox dance music blaring and people having mostly a good time, SPD began to get reports of at least one assault associated with the crowd in which a woman was reportedly injured. A large window at the Seattle Maserati and Ferrari dealership at 12th and Union was also smashed out and there were attempts to damage car windows along the wandering crowd’s route.

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