Principal attacked by mob of angry parents

A group of angry parents and students has mobbed a high school in Peru, accusing the principal of siphoning school funds and getting drunk on campus.

Police officers guarding National Vitarte high school in Lima were unable to fend off the angry crowd as the mob rioted, smashing windows and breaking down doors, CBS News reports.

The crowd then dragged principal Felix Leonardo Nuna into the school’s patio where they whipped and assaulted him.

One student shouted: “He steals money. He doesn’t do anything”.

Zoila Durand, a teacher, said the school has been in “complete disorder” in the five years Mr Nuna has served as the school’s principal.

“It is pure drunkenness. There are no controls over the incoming money. He doesn’t want to report on the costs the school faces,” Durand said.

“I’ve been at this school for three years and know former students that studied here, but we have never gone through moments like this.”

Police used tear gas to break up the riot and escorted Mr Nuna away from the premises.

Mr Nuna was not arrested and has denied the allegations.

Officials say it is not known if he would return to the school and a representative from the Ministry of Education said it requires proof of misconduct before it can take any action.

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