Nurses called to hearings on illegal strike

SOME nurses claim they were being forced to attend  disciplinary hearings for allegedly engaging in an illegal strike in March.
The nurses said they were called to a meeting last Thursday, where they were told they had to attend the disciplinary hearings.
The order by management came after the nurses held their own mass meeting two weeks ago, where they resolved not to attend the hearings.
“I think the management is getting pressure from the ministry,” said one nurse.
Some of the nurses have already attended the hearings despite the resolution not to attend. The nurses claim management had enticed them to attend the hearing by promising them trips to workshops.  SNA Secretary General Nathi Kunene said it would be unfortunate if management were going to such extremes of dangling carrots.
“A lot of them think they go there to redeem themselves of any wrong doing yet they end up implicating themselves. The best is stick to the resolution,” he said.

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