Peasants Close Yemen Road amid Acute Shortages

Peasants have closed Taiz-Aden road in protest against the acute shortage of fuel as Yemen has been experiencing for months amid continuous protests calling for change and the departure of the regime.

Eyewitnesses said cars were seen queued on the road in Al-Rahida district on Sunday and when they asked about the cause they discovered that peasants were blocking the road to pressure the government to order filling stations to sell them diesel.

Yemen has experienced acute fuel and cooking gas shortages as well as day-and-night power outages in the last few weeks that added to other problems mainly blamed on the five-month crisis including big blows to economic and productive sectors.

Amid the shortages, the prices of fuel and other supplies more than doubled.

On Saturday, blackouts vanished in many parts of the republic after the authorities said they had repaired the power station in Marib province which was attacked by saboteurs more than a month ago.

But today, electricity was cut off with the government saying the station came under attack again.

Also, long queues of people have been seen in the western Hodeida province in front of bakeries and ice shops as the city was plunged into darkness since Friday.

The government and the opposition traded accusations over the attack on the station supplying the city with power leaving the people suffer due to heat-waves and shopkeepers complain of losses.

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