Oman court sentences 21 to jail for Ibri riot

Muscat: The Criminal Court in Ibri has sentenced 21 accused to jail terms ranging from three months to three years in two cases of riots in which government buildings and vehicles were torched and employees taken hostage last March and April respectively.

The suspects were tried on the charges of blocking roads, arson, torching properties and preventing civil servants from performing their duties, according to a press release from the Public Prosecution here on Saturday.

The court, however, acquitted nine suspects—Naji Al Yaqoubi, Omar Al Maamari, Ahmad Al Shikaili, Fahd Al Abri, Daowd Al Ragaibi, Al Wahi Al Gasasi, Abu Baker Al Abri, Mohamed Al Yaqoubi, and Yasser Al Maamari—due to lack of evidence in the case of setting the Housing Ministry documents on fire.

The court sentenced Haitham Al Abri, Abdullah Al Hinai, Ahmed Al Gharibi, Waleed Al Dhahi, Mohammed AL Huwaishel, Rashid Hamdan, Sultan Salim al Belushi, Salim Mohammed al Abri, Huthaifa Said, Moosa Khamis al Jassasi and Qasim Said al Mammari to three years in jail for taking Manpower Ministry employees hostage and preventing them from carrying out their duties.

The Ibri Criminal court also sentenced Awad Al Sawafi, Haitham Al Abri, Abdullah Al Hinai, Ahmed Al Gharibi, Waleed Al Balushi, Mohamed Al Balushi, Rashid Al Balushi, Qassim Al Maamari, Hamad Al Yaqoubi, Mousa Al Jasassi, Sultan Al Balushi, Ezat Al Kindi, Abdullah Al Nasri, Salem Al Abri, Hozaifa Al Ghaffri, Khaled Al Omairi, Faisal Al Shandodi, Waleed Al Houl, Wael Al Muqbali, Jalal Al Yaqoubi, and Mubarak Al Kalbani to three months in jail for blocking traffic and causing chaos in the streets.

The court sentenced Qasem Al Maamari, and Haitham Al Maamari to one year in prison for damaging public properties.

The court also sentenced Haitham Al Abri to one month in jail for abusing a public employee. Three months jail was given to Sultan Al Balushi for attacking a public employee.

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