Another Incident of Police torture Prisoner killed in central jail Peshawar

Peshawar, June 19, 2011, Relative of 24 year old Zafar khan blamed to police that they killed a prisoner with tortured in Central Prison Peshawar. They blocked the road near central jail Peshawar and protest against police.

Zafar KhanZafar Khan Mother and Brother with the other people blocked the road near central jail. They shout against the Peshawar police and said that police killed with out any reason Zafar Khan. The brother of Zafar Khan admitted that his brother was drug user but we saw the tortured on his dead body. He also blamed the police that they urged me to sign a white paper, that in future I didn’t claim any responsibility of my brother on police.

After one hour protest police came to spot and they talked with the Zafar Khan family and they open the road.

According to the police Zafar khan was detain 15 days before and his death is naturally, police official said that Zafar khan was died last night with out any reason and he was user of Hashish. Police didn’t torture him.

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