Tenants warn Punjab govt of launching protest

ISLAMABAD: Anjuman -e-Mazareen Punjab blame the provincial government for using violent force to snatch lands from mazareen.

In a protest in front of National Press Club (NPC), they blamed that for possessing Chak no. 92-9/L use shelling, baton charge and bullets against the local tenants resulting in killing a minor girl while injuring several women and men

“They even didn’t allow locals to rush the injured child and others to hospitals,” they stated.

They blamed that authorities destroyed 55-acre field where cotton crops was near to harvest. And now police camp were erected in the fields.

“We had been preparing and sowing the fields for over 100 years, and when we demanded its ownership rights, operation was launched,” they stated in a press release.

They stated that they were not demanding democracies for atrocities whey they demand rights.

They warned the Punjab government to stop excesses otherwise they would be compelled to take streets and the government would become ineffective.

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