Sri Lankan workers in Iraq stage hunger strike

Missan provincial council announced on Friday that Sri Lankan workers started off a hunger strike for the second time in two months in protest for not being paid in two years and for neglecting their demands.

Their ongoing hunger strike might lead to mass suicide, Missan provincial council said.

Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri Al Maliki called to interfere in order to resolve their problems.

“30 Sri Lankan workers at the rural housing company of Talaat Hussamdin in Al Khayr District, 50 kilometers southern Al Amara, announced hunger strike in protest for not resolving their problems. They are objecting against not being paid for two years and for preventing them from going back home”, said head of Health and Environment committee at Missan provincial council Maytham Lafta Al Fartousi told Alsumarianews.

“Their health, physical and moral condition is worsening. Missan provincial council has strived in vain to resolve their urgent humanitarian issues “, Al Fartousi added.

Head of the environment and health committee warned that their ongoing hunger strike might lead to their death or to a mass suicide. Missan provincial council health committee dispatched a team of doctors and nurses along with ambulance cars to save these workers some of whom were transported to the hospital of Al Amara City, he said.
Al Fartousi urged Prime Minister Nuri Al Maliki to interfere immediately before it’s too late. Neglecting the rights of these workers might taint the government’s reputation, he concluded.

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