At least 10 arrested in Friday afternoon library cut protest in Oakland

OAKLAND — Police made at least 10 arrests Friday afternoon as a band of more than 50 demonstrators protesting library cuts gathered downtown at 12th and Broadway and began blocking the street.

The demonstration opposed Oakland library cuts and other austerity measures and began around 4 p.m. It was uneventful at first, but when the protesters moved to the street, blocking traffic, and refused police orders to disperse, at least 10 were arrested on suspicion of offenses ranging from failure to disperse to battery on a police officer.

The group returned to the sidewalk and went west on 12th to Clay street to the Federal Building, then moved down 14th Street to City Hall, followed by at least 20 police officers on bicycles, in cars and on foot.

The demonstrators, identified by a flyer as affiliated with Bay of Rage,, chanted slogans protesting library closures, dismantling of public schools and corporate tax cuts. Bay of Rage identifies itself an anti-capitalist initiative based in the Bay Area.

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