Angry homeless Palestinians close UNRWA summer camps in Gaza

GAZA, June 18 (Xinhua) — Dozens of angry homeless Palestinians closed on Saturday morning several summer camps sponsored and supervised by United Nations Relief and Work Agency in the Far East, witnesses said.

The witnesses said that Palestinians, who have their homes destroyed by Israel since 2000, had closed early on Saturday morning several UNRWA summer camps in the towns of Rafah and Khan Younis in southern Gaza Strip.

The protestors, most of whom are Palestinian refugees, chanted anti-UNRWA slogans for not hurrying up to build up their destroyed houses. They called on the organization to fulfill its pledge to build their houses.

“UNRWA should build up our destroyed houses instead of sparing its budget on summer camps for fun,” said Ateya Radwan, one of the protestors, adding “UNRWA should immediately rebuild our houses and stop postponement.”

The protestors considered the reconstruction of the destroyed houses “a priority instead of sparing million of dollars on summer camps,” adding that the money must be used in building their destroyed houses.

The protestors threatened that they would escalate their protests. Last week they closed down UNRWA headquarters in southern Gaza Strip.

Meanwhile, Adnan Abu Hasna, UNRWA spokesman in Gaza told Xinhua that closing down the summer games camps by the protestors “is condemned,” adding “UNRWA is doing its best to reconstruct the destroyed houses.”

He rejected the accusations that UNRWA is plotting a conspiracy against the refugees that their houses were destroyed. He also rejected to link between the summer camps and the rebuilding of the destroyed houses.

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