Protest against KESC

KARACHI: Prolonged load shedding at several areas of the metropolis continued to irk citizens, compelling them to take to the roads here on Thursday.

Like people of several other areas, a large number of Lyari Town residents blocked the Mauripur Road, in their protest against the hours-long load shedding. Raheel Baloch, a resident of the area said that the power supply of area was suspended early morning and remained at large even after the passage of 12 hours.

He said when people visited the area complaint centre of Karachi Electric Supply Company (KESC) in order to lodge their complaint it was found shut. So we are left with no other choice but to interrupt traffic, which has now become the only way to get your right in Pakistan, he commented.

During the protest, a number of ambulances were seen clogged in traffic. Besides, a large number of people faced inconvenience in returning homes.

Station House Officer Kalri Zahid Tanoli later informed that the issue was resolved. “People blocked the road against the suspension of electricity due to a cable fault”, he said adding that the mob dispersed peacefully after negotiations were conducted by the police between KESC authorities and affected people. Needless to say blockage of roads, protests against KESC and prolonged load sheddings have become a daily routine of Karachi life while the KESC seems unable to deal with the issue. KESC administration holds its protesting workers responsible for the ongoing situation, while the CBA union leaders impose same allegations against their administration.

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