Rail vandalism: over 100 local train departures cancelled on Monday

Detective Superintendent Timo Nyyssönen of the East Uusimaa police said on Monday that one of the suspected perpetrators of the arson of a railway security equipment box is an anarchist group which has written about the action on the Internet.
The group has previously claimed to have been behind an unexploded bomb found in the Pasila district of Helsinki and for a Molotov cocktail thrown at an unmanned filling station. Police also have other lines of inquiry.

Helsinki’s main railway station was calm on Monday afternoon in spite of the alterations in schedules.
The state-owned railway company VR had to cancel 98 I trains – about a third of all local services moving north from Helsinki. K, and G trains were also cancelled.
Filling in for the cancelled services were N trains, which ran about four times an hour between Riihimäki and Hlesinki.

On Monday afternoon Pirjo Moilanen narrowly missed one of the substitute trains, and had to wait for 15 minutes for the next one.
“Train traffic seems to be operating quite well. I would have liked better information about the provisional schedules on the internet, for instance.”

VR has tried to alleviate the problem by adding additional carriages to its fewer trains, doubling their length, and allowing for greater passenger loads.

At Helsinki Region Transport, Kimmo Sinisalo, the head of acquisitions, says that there is no need for additional buses, as the rail services can apparently cope with the current level of demand.
Somewhat easing the situation has been the fact that many commuters are now on their summer holidays. VR switched over to summer schedules last week.
It is likely that local transport will return to normal in stages next week.

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