KESC workers’ strike

KARACHI: The ongoing strike of the Karachi Electric Supply Company’s (KESC) workers is causing severe hardship for many industries, as no one is attending to the complaints, a representative body of industries said on Tuesday.

Some units have shutdown in Sindh Industrial and Trading Estate (SITE), while others are facing problems everyday because the KESC workers are not answering to complaints of technical breakdowns, SITE Association of Industry Chairman Abdul Wahab Lakhani said in a statement on Tuesday.

“If the matter of strike was not resolved on urgent basis, there would be a complete shutdown of industries causing irreparable loss to production and exports,” Lakhani said.

The breakdowns due to technical faults, which remain unattended for days, have crippled the production in SITE area.

Although, KESC workers attend to some emergency complaints, they are unable to perform their duties fully until the strike of the CBA is over, he said. “I am in constant touch with KESC management, but they too seem helpless.”

The prolonged standoff between the KESC management and Workers Union was going on for more than a month now and has become the most pressing problem of Karachi and unrest was simmering in the city as well as industrial areas, he added.

He also urged governor and chief minister of Sindh to intervene and save the industry from collapsing and preventing wide spread layoffs on ground of non-availability of power supply by KESC.

Expressing alarm over the weather forecast for rains in Karachi from Friday, Lakhani said that he was afraid the entire metropolis would plunge into darkness at the first drop of rain, because there would be no one to attend to the complaints of power failures, and as far as the industrial production if concerned, the same will come to a grinding halt.

He also advised the KESC Management to look into this direction too and take all necessary measures to save the installations, sub-stations and its network in SITE area, otherwise it would create havoc and then it would be very difficult to control the situation.

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