Santa Cruz gov’t bashes teachers’ strike, communiqué

The government of Santa Cruz charged back against the province’s teachers, who have already gone through a 45-day strike that includes the blockade of oilfields, as an official communiqué appeared today in local newspapers bashing the strike and remembering the province pays the best teachers’ salaries in the nation.

As teachers keep demanding a 50 percent salary increase, the communiqué signed by Governor Daniel Peralta, indicates that since 2007 teachers’ wage increased 300 percent, and that even before such hike the sector was already the best paid in the country.

The communiqué also assures that “the teachers’ union was offered with a 25 percent salary increase, which was rejected as they pretend a 50 percent hike or nothing”, and aims to political interests, “Same as we had to experience in 2007, this kind of conflicts are always triggered right months before a presidential election.”

Meanwhile, Repsol YPF and OXY oilfields in Las Heras district remain blocked, something that is seriously affecting the province’s main source of income as well the fuel supply that in case the measure extends in time, could also impact nationwide.

Santa Cruz Teachers’ Union decided to block oilfields back in May as they claimed that “it’s the only thing (oil industry) that Peralta has really cared about.”

Protests have spread all cross the province as teachers refuse to give classes in Caleta Olivia, Los Antiguos, Perito Moreno, Pico Truncado, and the suburbs of Río Gallegos.

The Northern region of the province produces 95 percent of the province’s total oil production, which represent 20 percent of the national production.

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