Police investigate anarchist website claim of responsibility for bomb and firebomb


Police in Helsinki are investigating whether or not Finnish anarchists had anything to do with the unexploded bomb that was found in Pasila on Friday.
A message appeared on a pro-anarchist website on Monday claiming responsibility for the canister bomb. Police say that the message included information that had not been revealed in public before.
However, police say that the information would have been available to people other than the perpetrator, because the canister had been left in a conspicuous location before anyone reported it to the police.

In the message the anarchists said that they had left the makeshift bomb on the driver’s side of a car used by a security company operating in the building, so that people arriving in the courtyard would notice it.
“We decided not to detonate the timed firebomb, even though it was in working order, so as not to expose outsiders and employees of other companies to danger”, the message states.

The head of the investigation, Markku Stenberg of the Helsinki Police, confirms that the anarchists are part of the police investigation.
He did not want to comment on technical information linked with the bomb. He simply noted that the technical investigations are continuing.
The anarchists said in their message that they were also claiming responsibility for a Molotov cocktail that was thrown at an unmanned filling station in Tapaninvainio, as well as for a number of other acts of vandalism, including a few small fires that had been set in Helsinki and Vantaa.

The writers of the message said that the acts were an expression of solidarity for their “comrades at the Satama social centre” and for the “fight for free space”, and for the Roma migrants in Helsinki.
A camp of Roma from Eastern Europe has long been operating in the yard of the Satama social centre, and has been a focus of intense debate.

Satama activist Illusia Girs had heard about the message on Monday.
“We don’t know anything about this. Apparently this is some kind of solidarity action, whose perpetrators could be anybody.”
Girs says that the people at Satama had not discussed the matter yet.

Police have so far received no indication that the bomb found in Pasila would be linked with international terrorism.
Previously, a writer claiming to be an Islamist praised the Pasila bomb and the Tapaninvainio firebombing in his blog.
The Security Intelligence Service (SUPO) was unwilling on Monday to assess the possible connection that either incident may have with either hard-line Islamists or anarchists.
“Now we’re taking it easy and waiting to see what comes out in the investigation”, says SUPO head of communications Liinu Lehto-Seljavaara. SUPO is helping the Helsinki police in its investigations.

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