Family attacks court guards to protest prison sentence

The family of a convicted defendant hurled stones and bottles at security guards at a court in Monufiya Governorate to protest his prison sentence, security sources have said.

Security forces in the city of Shibin al-Kom arrested the assailants. A report of the incident was filed and the Public Prosecution was notified to begin investigations.

Monufiya Security Head Hamdi al-Deeb had received a report from Nasr al-Qareh, investigations chief in Shibin al-Kom, stating that a group gathered in front of the city’s criminal courts complex and assaulted the guards.

Around 30 of the defendant’s family members gathered after he was convicted and sentenced to one year in prison for beating and inflicting a permanent disability on a person, security officials said.

Some damage was caused to the court room, but nobody was injured and the convict’s brother was arrested.

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