Waste collectors go on strike

Garbage piles up in the streets of Buenos Aires City as CLIBA, AESA, and Covisur waste collectors decided to go on strike in a protest against the teamsters’ union and its healthcare program which workers claim that it doesn’t provide the service it should.

Thus, workers are blocking the intersection of Figueroa Alcorta and Sarmiento avenues.

The most affected neighborhoods are down town, San Telmo, Barracas, La Boca, Monserrat, Balvanera, Belgrano, Palermo, Recoleta, Almagro, Núñez, and the center-west part of the City.
The City government has already indicated that the matter comes outside its jurisdiction, thus a solution must be provided by the Teamsters’ union.

Meanwhile, spokesmen of Urbaser and Covelia waste Management companies, which provide service in the western and southern neighbors, reported that their activities have not been affected by the strike.

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