Protests in Venezuela escalate in May

Following the decline of labor protests and hunger strikes in May, the number of protests rose in May, according to the latest monthly report released by the Observatory of Social Unrest of the Latin American Council of Social Sciences (Clacso) on the right to protest in Venezuela. Clacso’s report showed that in the last 31 days there were 408 demonstrations compared to 389 in the previous period, a 4 percent hike.

According to the report, most demonstrations (167) were staged by workers, as in the past five months.

Payment of labor liabilities, discussion of collective bargaining agreements, wage and salary increases were the reasons that led workers to stage protests.

Besides, there was an increase in protests to demand housing. Clacso called the attention of the Venezuelan authorities because there was a 14 percent surge from 105 demonstrations in April to 120 in May.

“Main demonstrations were staged by people hit by heavy rains who are living in shelters since 2010,” the report says.

Some minutes after the release of the report, dozens of people made homeless by rains who are living in an unfinished mall blocked an avenue downtown Caracas in request of decent housing.


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