Leftist groups clash with police, four officers injured


Dozens of protesters representing leftist and communist groups in Turkey clashed with riot police on Thursday in İstanbul’s Mecidiyeköy neighborhood as part of a series of violent rallies staged over the past two days to protest the death of a protester in northeastern Turkey as a result of what they call a violent police crackdown.

During the march protesters threw sticks and stones at security forces, prompting a response from the police. The Cihan news agency reported late on Thursday that police had detained dozens of protesters, while escaping protesters damaged shops, cars and signs in the area.

The Anatolia news agency, quoting a statement from a police officer early on Friday, said 21 protesters were detained while four police officers were injured during the clashes. It said the security forces stayed on the defense for seven minutes and warned protesters to leave the square before the two sides clashed.

The protesters were reportedly members of the Freedom and Democracy Party (ÖDP) and other leftist associations in Turkey. The group also read out a press release in front of the Justice and Development Party’s (AK Party) office in İstanbul’s Şişli district, condemning the death of the protester in northeastern Turkey.

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