Six arrested after attack on Mart Police officers

MART – Six people were arrested, and two of them are still in jail Tuesday night after a weekend marijuana arrest turned into a near riot in Mart, 20 miles east of Waco.

After arresting one suspect for possession of marijuana, a crowd started to gather.  Tempers flared and one officer was jumped from behind and choked.  A reserve officer came to his aid, and his gun was temporarily taken away by someone in that crowd.

Those officers hastily called for backup, and within minutes 17 police officers, DPS troopers and Sheriff’s deputies were on site to control the incident.

Police initially got a tip drugs were being sold at a government housing complex on Front street, and went there about 6:30 PM Saturday evening to investigate.

“It was originally supposed to be what we call a knock and talk,” explained Mart Police Chief David Monthey.

According to a police incident report, John Miles, Sr. was arrested after admitting to Mart Sergeant Danny Powell he had less than an ounce of pot divided into a handful of baggies in his apartment.

As Miles was being loaded into a patrol car, another man, Jerome Holder began swearing at officers from across the street.  When he failed to comply with requests to quiet down, he was arrested for disorderly conduct, and resisted being put into the backseat of a police car.

By this time, Sgt. Powell said a crowd of 40-50 people had begun to gather.  He wrote in his report, “all of a sudden I felt someone come from behind me and reach under my arms and grabbed me by the throat.”

Reserve officer Ted Monthey – the Police Chief’s brother – ran over and grabbed the woman choking Powell, then yelled that someone had taken his gun.

Sgt. Powell then drew his own weapon and warned everyone to stand back.  He then saw Officer Monthey’s pistol lying on the ground nearby and told him to grab it.

The police officers called for backup, and within minutes Mart PD, Riesel PD, DPS troopers and McLennan County Sheriff’s deputies were on the scene.

Mart Police Chief David Monthey said, “we began looking for anyone that had local warrants that we recognized”.

In addition to Miles and Holder, Nicole Davis, who allegedly choked Sgt. Powell, was arrested for aggravated assault of a public servant.  She also had an outstanding warrant for retaliation.

Jordan Williams was arrested for criminal trespassing, Aerial Simon for disorderly conduct, and Deligejuan Johnson for an existing warrant for organized criminal activity after graffiti was painted on a wall at Mart High School.

In all, there were six arrests, and Officers Powell and Ted Monthey had bumps and bruises.

All but Deligejuan Johnson and Nicole Davis have bonded out of jail. Davis’ bail is set at $65,000.

“The end result was it was a good night.  Everyone got to go home.  It could have been a lot worse if someone would have picked up that weapon they most likely would have been shot.  Every officer on the scene had either a shotgun or an assault rifle,” Chief Monthey explained.

Chief Monthey said that government housing complex is managed by the Waco Housing Authority, and he filed eviction notices with the WHA on the individuals involved in Saturday’s incident.  By law, Monthey says they must move from the premises in the next few days.

“Our message is if you’re not involved in a police incident, don’t get involved,” Monthey added.

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