Fiery protest erupts after police kill Carenage man

CARENAGE residents staged a fiery protest yesterday after police shot and killed a 21-year-old fisherman in some bushes close to his home.

Traffic backed up from West Mall to the fishing depot, opposite Smith Hill, along the Western Main Road where police shot Daaniyall Abd’allah Coltes.

Riot police had to be called out to bring about order as the protest intensified.

Coltes’s father, Bernard Coltes, was reportedly taken from his yard by the officers and allegedly slapped after the officers accused him of inciting the protest action.

Shortly after 8 a.m., Coltes, also known as “Bull”, was killed by officers of the Four Roads Police Station. Officers said he was seen standing at the corner of Smith Hill and the Western Main Road brandishing a firearm. The officers said they challenged Coltes, who then ran into some bushes firing at them.

They said they returned fire after which Coltes was hit.

He was taken to the St James Medical Complex where he was pronounced dead on arrival. A firearm was also recovered at the scene, they claimed.

Coltes, they said, was known to the police as he had several matters pending before the court. He was also a suspect in a recent murder in the Carenage area, police said.

Residents on the other hand disputed the officers’ side of the story. Although they admitted that Coltes “was no saint”, they insisted he was not armed at the time he was killed.

Coltes’s uncle, Ronald Warner, said his nephew was at a party at the Green Face Bar along the Western Main Road.

Around 8 a.m., he left the party and was walking to his Smith Hill home when he was shot.

Warner said Coltes was being followed by two men after he left the party. Coltes, he said, probably not knowing the men were officers ran and hid in the bushes. He was shot several times to the head, Warner said.

His mother, Roma Noreiga, admitted that her son had a coloured past but in recent times, he was doing his best to “change his ways”.

“He was a loving fella. He was a miserable little fella too. You know those children who would laugh at everybody and harass everybody and the girls just love them? He was one of them,” she said.

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