China urges stronger social control after unrest

BEIJING – CHINA’S Communist Party on Monday called for stronger controls over society, state media said, after ethnic Mongols staged several protests and a jobless man carried out a deadly triple bomb attack.

In a meeting presided by President Hu Jintao, the powerful Politburo concluded China was in ‘a period of prominent social contradictions,’ the Xinhua news agency said.

This ‘makes the task of managing society even more arduous,’ it added.

The Politburo – one of China’s highest decision-making bodies – said resolving social problems was ‘extremely urgent’ and would necessitate ‘long-term efforts,’ the report said.

It underscored the need to ‘protect people’s interests, to promote social justice and maintain a good social order.’ The meeting also called on the public security system to be strengthened.

China has been hit by a series of protests and bomb attacks in recent weeks, which are seen as illustrations of mounting desperation among some Chinese people who feel their rights are being trampled. — AFP

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