Police arrest seven protesting new settlement in East Jerusalem


Witnesses say police used stun guns against those demonstrating at Ma’ale Zeitim, which would mark the first time this type of weapon has been used against protesters in East Jerusalem.

Six left-wing Israeli activists were arrested during a protest at the newly anointed Jewish settlement of Ma’ale Zeitim in East Jerusalem on Friday.

Just two days earlier, the speaker of the Knesset and several other government ministers attended a dedication ceremony for the settlement – this despite the fact that the settlement has already been inhabited for several years.

Protesters say that police used stun guns in the arrests, which would mark the first time this type of weapon has been used on protesters in East Jerusalem.

Friday’s protest began in Sheik Jarah, where a weekly demonstration is held to protest Jewish settlement in the East Jerusalem neighborhood. This week’s protesters, who numbered more than one hundred, marched to Ma’ale Zeitim as a result of the recent ceremony held there.

During the protest, fighting broke out between the activists and security forces at the settlement. According to the protesters, they were attacked by security, who used stun guns on them and arrested them. The protesters also said that police broke the hand of one of those arrested.

Jerusalem police say the protesters tried to break into homes of Jewish settlers in the neighborhood.

To protests the arrests, activists blocked the road leading to the settlement.

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