Violence At Cavalla Plantation…One Killed

One person was killed yesterday in the Southeastern Liberian city of Pleebo, Maryland County when violence flared as a result of some rubber tappers at the Cavalla Rubber Plantation in the county staged a violent protest action. According to our correspondent in the city, the drama started after some aggrieved tappers of the plantation decided to stage a protest action in demand of better incentives. Our correspondent said while the strike action was on, a senior official of the plantation who is reported to be the General Manager and identified as Matthew Jay, alerted the police urging the force to come to the plantation to bring the situation under control.

Reports from the county said when the police arrived the protesters resisted their presence and intensified their protest action. The report added that in the disagreement that reportedly ensued between the police and the tappers, a tapper whose name could not be obtained up-to press time was reportedly fired to death by an officer of the Emergence Response Unit (ERU), which moved to the scene to contain the protest.

The report also said angry protesters who claimed that the General Manager of the plantation called in the police got furious over the death of the tapper who was victimized in the process.

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