Authorities in Zunyi get violent with villagers protesting demolition of their homes


The forced demolitions that pushed Jiangxi bomber Qian Mingqi (钱明奇) across the edge down the road of no return is a real story being played out across China for years now. One such story is happening right now in the Honghuagang area of Zunyi City (遵义市红花岗区). (UPDATE: The PSB in Zunyi has stepped out to say that the video is from 2006, but still it’s interesting to see that the video is only going viral now.)

In the following video, villagers watch helplessly as an army of thugs arrive in their village to demolish their homes. From about 2:40 in the video, all hell breaks loose — the villagers start picking up bricks to throw at the thugs, and the thugs turn violent. One old, white-haired woman is seen smashed to the ground multiple times, but each time, she picks herself up, brick in hand to throw at a thug. Another woman is seen hit with a pail, while others are hit with sticks, stones, throw punches with bare fists and kicked.

Outraged netizens have shared this video tens of thousands of times on Sina Weibo and other microblog platforms in a single evening, many wondering how long it will take for us to see the next Qian Mingqi appear.

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