Moroccan Authorities Use Force to Break Up Protest by Doctors

Moroccan authorities used force to disperse a demonstration by 8,000 doctors in the capital, Rabat, wounding several people, one of the participants said.

Physicians working for the public sector gathered in front of the Ministry of Health this morning demanding better work conditions, said Mohammed Hicham Benazzouz, a member of the doctors’ union. They displayed banners reading “Doctors without health insurance” and “Morocco is going ahead while medicine is going backward,” he said.

“We demand health insurance for doctors, better work conditions and the end of nepotism,” said Benazzouz, who participated in the protest. “We want dignity, above all.”

Doctors have been on a strike for the past month, excluding the emergency services. Health Minister Yasmina Baddou met with a few representatives in her office today, though no solution was reached, Benazzouz said.

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