Weapons factory workers “radicalize protest”

KRAGUJEVAC — Zastava Arms factory workers who have been protesting for three days in a weapons and ammunition depot say they have “radicalized” their protest.

The Kragujevac-based workers said the move came because their protest was not addressed by any officials.

The plant is now functioning under a minimal work regime, which, union leader Dragan Ilić explained, means that maintenance is being carried out on machines and equipment to make sure they do not malfunction.

The strike now taking place is meant to “show the state that any procrastinating in solving the problem will lead to an escalation of the protest”.

The workers demand that the management secures new contracts, and also to be paid their overdue April wages.

On Tuesday, they were given a part of the money they earned last month – the amount was RSD 7,000 (EUR 72) per worker.

The central Serbian factory employs 2,150 workers who earn a monthly average of RSD 31,000.


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