More nurses join strike

About 32 nurses at Sekgoma Hospital reportedly joined the strike yesterday in solidarity with their fired colleagues.
Clifford Santudu, chair of Botswana Federation of Public Service Unions (BOFEPUSU) in Serowe region, said yesterday that they have recorded 36 more nurses joining the ongoing national strike. He said prior to the dismissal letters given to nurses across the country, very few nurses in their area were part of the strike.

Santudu said that they had followed the nurses and doctors to their houses over the weekend to convince them to join the strike. The doctors asked for time to check their contracts before they could join the strike. “I don’t know what they have decided so far because they did not come today,” he said.

By yesterday afternoon Santudu said that he could not tell what the situation was like at the hospitals. “We are not allowed to enter the hospital so I cannot tell what the situation is,” he said. Santudu said that they would now be going after the nurses at clinics around the village. The hospital management could not be reached for comment on the matter.

Meanwhile all essential services workers who are still on strike, including nurses and doctors have been advised by the government through public media to get their dismissal letters from their supervisors.

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