Series of fires in Friedrichshain: Six cars in flames

Six cars in two hours! A trail of destruction was left by arsonists last week in Friedrichshain. While the fire was put out in one car, they lit more a few blocks away…

Five of the cars are scrap. Only the BMW, which encountered the perpetrators to 4.50 clock in the Frankfurter Allee was not completely burnt.

The series began at 4.45 clock: residents of Riga Street reported a burning SUV. Almost 30 minutes later, another emergency call – a BMW on the road in Mainz.

Ten minutes later, in the Gabriel-Max-Strasse the engine compartment of an Audi A4 in flames. A Mercedes parked next to it was severely damaged by heat.

6.50 clock the perpetrators set fire to two other BMW on the road and the Simplon Colbestraße. A resident there having observed a dark-clad man in the act, called the police. The suspect fled on a bicycle.

by 19 May the police had already 33 registered arson attacks. Last year left anarchists  set fire to 43 luxury cars in Berlin. In 2009 there were 145 arson attacks on cars.

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