Blida: Nine injured including 4 policemen in a “Street War”


Algiers- Ben Achour district in Blida, experienced yesterday around 5:30 pm, acts of vandalism against commercial premises, injuring four anti-riot officers and five demonstrators.

Many rioters have been arrested in the same district after cutting the road between the town of Blida and Ouled El Yaïche leading to Kassab Market and the bus station, and more specifically near the third urban security, using stones and trunks of tree, paralyzing traffic in the area.

The protesters demanded from local authorities, road repairs and street lighting in the neighbourhoods. The latter bemoan the lack of a medical clinical in their district and other problems in which they struggle daily.
According to protesters, recent rains have caused cracks in several houses that were flooded with rainwater, and the postponement of a funeral due to the high degradation of the road leading to the cemetery.

Protesters refuse the opening of the road before the arrival of local officials, despite the presence of the mayor who tried to convince them that projects were scheduled, including the rehabilitation of roads and street lighting.

The situation deteriorated, according to witnesses, and clashes took place between the angry mob and the law enforcement when these latter tried to clear the road cut.

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