Angry Adama University students have rejected the mediation by Minster of Civil Service, Junedin Sado

(Qeerroo News – Adama, Oromia – May 23, 2011) Students’ anger ignited by the food poisoning, as a result of which many have been admitted to hospital, is mounting to full-scale student resistance to the regime on power.

A mediation attempt by the former president of Oromia Regional State and current Minister of Civil Service, Junedin Sado, was rejected by angry students at Adama University.

Mr. Junedin arrived after the army had raided the campus, students had been hospitalized due to the poisonous food and an attack had been carried out by security people.

Accordingly, when he tried to convince students, the angry protesters responded saying “after poisoning us, invading our campus and putting in place the marshal rule, what do you want from us?”

The puppet of the TPLF- led EPRDF government, Mr. Junedin, was shamed by further comments like “thief, thief” and “Go away, Go away.”

The students were also protesting and chanting about the food crisis and the cost of living in the country.


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