Tens Injured as Forces Break into Hodeida University, Disperse Protest

At least 35 antigovernment protesters were injured some seriously, when the central security forces broke into the University in Yemen’s Hodeida province to break a demonstration there calling for an immediate and unconditional ouster of the regime.

Tens were also said to have been affected by teargas.

The forces and regime supporters fired live bullets and teargas at and used batons and knives to disperse the demonstrators, just as the escalation of the antigovernment protests continued in many cities.

On Friday, ten protesters were hurt when pro-regime bullies and plainclothes forces attacked thousands of people who marched on the streets after the prayers to call for an immediate, unconditional ouster of the regime.

Alsahwa-yemen.net quoted eyewitnesses as saying that the regime supporters and forces spread at many points leading to the freedom square in Hodeida and attacked the protesters with live bullets, batons and knives.

Civil disobedience was reported in main cities including the capital Sana’a, where stores and streets saw less pedestrians throughout the morning.

Most recently, the youth-led protesters in the squares of change and freedom urged the pubic and private sectors to strike, at the beginning hours, on Saturdays and Wednesdays to press the resignation of Saleh.

The call has been taken positively.

Meantime, long blackouts are occurring several times a day in Yemeni cities, some last for more than 8 hours.

Earlier, the authorities said electrical circuits had come under attacks in Marib province, notifying the people programmed outages will be inevitable.

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