Petrobras Contractors Start Strike at Cubatao Refinery

Petroleo Brasileiro SA (PETR4) contract workers are on strike at a refinery in Cubatao, Brazil, since yesterday in a protest over pay, a labor union official said.

About 2,000 contractors in charge at maintenance at the Presidente Bernardes refinery in Sao Paulo state are on strike for an “indefinite time,” Geraldino Cruz Nascimento, the president of the workers’ union, said today by telephone.

“Petrobras is making a lot of money from the pre-salt,” Cruz said from Cubatao, referring to extensive oil reserves the Rio de Janeiro-based company has located underneath a layer of salt beneath the ocean floor. “We want our share of it.”

The union is asking for a 12 percent wage increase and a bonus, he said. A spokesman for Petrobras, who can’t be named under company policy, said the strike isn’t affecting production at the refinery, which can process 170,000 barrels a day of oil into diesel, aviation fuel and other products.


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