Another workers’ strike rocks Jinja

KENGROW Industries Limited workers are on a sit-down strike, protesting alleged poor remuneration. The workers laid down their tools on Monday, claiming that the salaries were too small to cater for their families in the wake of the rising food and fuel prices.

The top management of the Jinja-based company, which makes cooking oil, wheat flour and laundry soap, met the over 100 workers on Wednesday, without success.

Asuman Basudde, a casual labourer, said he earns sh85,000 monthly, part of which goes to the National Social Security Fund.
“It is very difficult to make ends meet especially in situations like these. I am ready to work as long as my pay is increased to at least sh100,000 a month,” he said.

K.K Radhamohan, the chief executive officer, criticised the workers for choosing a wrong method of voicing their displeasure.
He said the management is always willing to listen and discuss with workers.

He explained that the company policy was that employee performance is reviewed every beginning of the year and changes in the salary structure made accordingly. “Whenever the situation is good, we give them an increment. We last increased salaries in January,” he said.

Radhamohan said in January each worker received a 10% salary increase while others got more depending on skills, performance, discipline and hard work.

He asked the workers to bear with the situation, saying the economy was going through hardships due to the high costs of fuel and other commodities.

“We cannot just increase salaries because this may lead the company into making losses and eventual closure, which means loss of jobs for all the employees,” he said.

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