Health workers in Ramotswa staging walk out to support colleagues

On the 9am Setswana news on Gabs Fm, it was reported that a number of health workers at the Bamalete Lutheran Hospital in Ramotswa were boycotting their duties to stage a walkout in solidarity with those who have been dismissed from their jobs.

The mission hospital has about 50 nurses who are employed by the Botswana Government. The radio report also said that Kemmonye Kusi, spokesperson for the health workers says that other hospital support staff under government are also going to rejoin the strike.

When approached for comment, Assistant Superintendent Thito Freeman of Ramotswa Police Station said that he didn’t know anything about the Bamalete Lutheran Hospital workers staging a walkout.

When asked if there were any threats of unrest from the civil workers who are on strike he said the BOFEPUSU members are demonstrating in a calm manner at the grounds near the Ramotswa Choppies store. He went on to say that if any unrest is to break out, the police will make sure they keep the situation under control and protect citizens and their properties.

Despite the radio reports, Bamalete Lutheran Hospital Chief Medical Officer Dr. Ostmann, claims: “No employees at our hospital have received letters of dismissal, though government workers in other government departments have.” She further said the absent health workers in question have gone to join their fellow government employees who are on strike.

Another source at the hospital said that initially nurses had gone, but now other workers have joined the absenteeism.

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