65 anti-EU demonstrators arrested during protest

An unauthorised march in the Nørrebro district to commemorate the violent protests of May 18, 1993 following Denmark’s affirmation of the Edinburgh Treaty, resulted in 65 arrests last night.

According to police reports, 80 demonstrators were stopped after over half of them refused to be searched, leave the area and explain the purpose of the march to police.

Some fourteen individuals were also arrested after they violated a law against masking their faces during demonstrations and that three protestors were arrested for violence against the police.

While it was initially unclear if the march was related to the May 18 anniversary, an article on activist news website modkraft.dk confirmed it was organised by a group of left-wing radicals to remember the events 18 years ago.

Those demonstrations were sparked after a tightly contested referendum passed the Edinburgh Treaty, after the Maastricht Treaty was rejected, leading to the formation of the European Union.

The ensuing riots around Sankt Hans Torv Square in Nørrebro were some of the most violent ever witnessed in Denmark and led to the police firing 113 shots at the protestors, injuring 14.

While yesterday’s march was not officially named, it bore the slogan “we still say no to the EU and to police repression”.

An anonymous source is quoted by Modkraft as saying: “We think there is too little focus on the police’s treatment of demonstrators. After the police’s behaviour during the UN climate conference in Copenhagen a group of us decided to organise the march.”

An event was also posted on Facebook publicising the event which called for people to, “Come fresh, come sober, come black.”

Some people objected to the nature of the march, however, with one person commenting on the event wall: “It’s a bit hypocritical that demonstrations against police brutality are offensive in nature. I support the cause 100% but I think it would be good to make it more inclusive.”

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