Inmates riot at Burundi’s Ruyigi prison over deteriorating living conditions

At least 900 inmates detained at Ruyigi prison with a capacity of 300 on Tuesday morning rioted to protest against deteriorating living conditions, local media reported.

Media quoted prisoners as saying that they have spent a whole week without receiving beans rations, the staple food in the prison of Ruyigi.

The inmates rioted in an attempt to get out of the prison and the deteriorating living conditions.

The media said the riot started at 7 a.m. local time (0500 GMT) when the inmates broke the prison main door.

According to the media, the rioters stoned the prison guards who fired into the air to force them to return into the prison compound.

The prison guards managed to have the inmates back inside the prison, but kept their arms pointed at the prison main door.

Inmates at Ruyigi prison and in most detention houses in the east African nation feed on beans with cassava paste.

On Saturday, guards at Ruyigi prison killed two inmates attempting to evade from the prison.

Director of Ruyigi prison Donatien Sindayikengera said the two inmates were shot dead while they were attempting to use a rope to climb the prison wall.

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