Riot against murder by army in Papua

JUBI, 16 May 2011 – According to information from the Justice and Peace Secretariat of the Kingmi Church, Papua, a man called Derek Adii who had just completed his application for appointment as a civil servant in the sub-district of Deiyai, was maltreated by six members of the armed forces in the Nabire port area on Saturday 14 May.

He was beaten and stabbed and died as a result.

According to the SKP report, the victim was attacked as he was boarding the ship, KM Labobar, when a neighbour of the victim from Manokwari pulled out a bayonet and struck the victim in the forehead, and then went on to throw his body into the sea.

‘Six people were involved in the attack, all members of the Indonesian army, and after stabbing him, they threw his body into the sea,’ said Yones Douw, SKP co-ordinator of SKP in Nabire.

The incident started when the 26-year old man asked members of the army at the Nabire port to help organise the passengers as they were boarding the KM Labobar. In response to the request, the victim was subjected to maltreatment; he was stabbed with bayonets and died on the spot.

Several people nearby, angered by the attack, started to protest but they were dispersed by the security forces.

The brother of the victim, Martinus Adii, who lives in Amban, Manokwari was shocked when he heard of the death of his brother and demanded information about the killing of his brother. ‘What wrong did my brother do that led to his being killed? Are you human beings or not? Why were his words responded to by an act of violence?’

Martinus said that members of the family were planning to return to Manokwari after gathering together the victims application papers to become a member of the civil service.

In protest against the incident, hundreds of students and members of the public, armed with tradional weapons such as arrows, choppers and spears, occupied the port of Manokwari on Sunday afternoon. They vented their anger by smashing the windows of the waiting room in the harbour, but fortunately, this action calmed down after members of the security forces took control of the situation.

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