Oromia/Ethiopia: Finfinnee – Taxi drivers go on strike

(Qeerroo News, Finfinnee, 16 May 2011) Taxi and mini-bus drivers in Finfinnee have begun an unofficial strike to protest against a new law aimed at trying to reduce traffic accidents.

Oromia’s capital, Finfinnee, is hit with a strike by taxi drivers today according to Qeerroo News. Drivers can now lose their licenses if they commit a certain number of offenses – and fines have increased six-fold.

Most taxi drivers have stayed home this morning, causing a massive transportation disruption in the city. Drivers have also complained that the new rules are too punitive.

Thousands of people in the capital, Finfinnee, walked to work because of the strike.The taxi drivers are protesting the unbearable cost of living and a recent regulation that limits them to certain areas of the city.

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