Madina riots: 20 arrested, several injured

Some residents of Madina in Accra Tuesday morning clashed with the police over a parcel of land in the area earmarked for a transport station.

The riots, according to eyewitnesses, were precipitated by an attempt to sell the land to a private developer which is being resisted by some residents.

Unconfirmed reports say riot police fired live bullets and volleys of teargas into the protesters.

The arrested 20 people in connection with the violence.

The assembly member for the area whose name is not readily given, said the parcel of land is very important to the people.

He said political rallies and other outdoor events are held on that piece of land which is the only open space in the area.

The assembly member claims the youth of Madina had been protesting peacefully until the police arrived from nowhere and started firing warning shots and teargas, creating tension in the process.

Greater Accra Regional Police Commander, Rose Bio-Atinga, said told journalists perpetrated of the violence will be brought to justice.

She said the youth could registered their opposition to the sale of the land through peaceful mean without resorting to violence.’s Ernest Dela Aglanu who was at the Madina Police Station said two police officers and an unknown number of rioters, were injured in the riots.

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