Santa Cruz teachers reject 25 % salary hike, continue with their strike

Santa Cruz province teachers’ unions rejected the Government’s wage increase offer and decided to continue with their strike and the blockade of oilfields. They will also appeal the ruling that forces them to abide by the Labour Ministry’s mandatory conciliation.

The teachers met in assemblies all along the province and decided to reject the 25 percent wage increase offered by the Government. Thus, they will continue to demand a 50 percent hike in salaries and keep on with their measures.

The oilfields in the Northern area of Santa Cruz, where 20 percent of the oil that is refined in Argentina, remain blocked due to the camps set by teachers.

The teachers also agreed to send a committee to Buenos Aires in order to carry out several activities to inform about the conflict thaton Monday will reach its 28th consecutive day.

Teachers insist with the 50 percent hike in wages, but warned that any change in the 25 percent increase offered by the Government will be analyzed in assemblies.

Santa Cruz governor Daniel Peralta, warned that “when I say that the wage offer won’t be modified, I mean it. We have to find another way of dealing with this issue.”

The fuel workers are worried because the shortage of petrol could be aggravated, especially the cheaper petrol and fuel.–salary-hike-continue-with-their-strike

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