Protest over bus fare hikes

Scuffles broke out between passengers, conductors and drivers of the Metro Mass Transit buses, popularly referred to as Kufuor buses, across the country as passengers were met with unannounced price hikes as they boarded these buses yesterday.

Routes that previously charged 20 pesewas had seen an upward increase to 30 pesewas, representing a 50% increase and passengers had to pay 40 pesewas for routes that previously charged 30 pesewas, an upward adjustment of 33%.

Also, routes along which passengers usually paid 70 pesewas had seen an increment of 14% to 80 pesewas and for some routes passengers had to pay as much as GH¢1 as they had previously paid 70 pesewas the day before.

The unannounced price hikes caused standoffs in the buses as passengers refused to pay the new prices. Drivers of the buses also refused to move the bus until passengers had paid the new prices.

Eventually some passengers paid the new prices, venting their anger and spleen at authorities of the Metro Mass Transit for not informing passengers before the implementation of the new prices.

The Metro Mass Transit buses were introduced by President Kufuor’s NPP administration to ease the transport burden of commuters at a subsidized rate, as opposed to fares charged by local transport operators.

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