Entebbe Airport workers on strike over little pay, delayed salaries

Entebbe Airport on Monday became the latest place to be affected by the avalanche of protests sweeping across the country when more than 100 workers of Guardian Services Limited (GSL), which cleans the entire Entebbe International Airport, staged a sit down strike.

The workers are protesting a move by their administrators to delay paying their salaries, in addition to paying them what they describe as “very little” salaries.

The GSL workers, who arrived at the work place at 8am, resolved to sit at their office inside the terminal building and leave cleaning the airport until their bosses responded to their complaints.

It was not until police, led by acting airport commandant Caleb Mwesigye, sweet talked the workers to organise the strike on Tuesday rather than today because most Airport bosses were from the long hectic weekend. He said the bosses could then easily answer their plight on Tuesday.

The workers agreed to postpone the strike to tomorrow (Tuesday). According to some of the workers, their pitiable pay are compounded by heavy taxes, which limit their take home pay to peanuts.

“We earn Shs150,000 per month that is heavily taxed to remain with only Shs100,000 that cannot be enough looking at to continuing sky rocketing commodity prices,” said one of workers who preferred anonymity for fear of reprisals from his employers. He said that they are not entitled to any allowances, lunch, health benefits, which he says implies that they work for “almost no profit.”

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