Kakira factory workers strike over wages

A section of workers of Kakira Sugar factory in Jinja District put down their tools, asking management to increase their wages to match the prevailing high inflation in the country.

The workers began the sit-down strike on Friday morning, refusing to go to their work stations, saying the management should consider reviewing their wages and improve their working conditions.

Mr Mayur M. Madhuvani, the factory managing director, said he has held a meeting with the workers over their concerns and was in the meeting with Union leaders and RDC, Mr Katenda Luutu, to iron out the concerns of workers at the largest sugar factory in Uganda.

He said management moved swiftly and reviewed the workers’ wages, adding that the factory also offers free education and healthcare to the more than 7,000 workers.
The General Manager, Mr Richard Orr, said the least paid worker earns about Shs75,000, adding that it is the casual workers who have worsened the situation because they are only hired on a need-be basis.

A machine operator, who preferred anonymity for fear of retribution, however, said: “Working for Shs70,000 per month is now useless with the current inflation.’’ Mr Madhuvani promised to meet wages the company is legitimately obliged to.

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