Squatters have designs on ‘deteriorating’ building

Police still hope dialogue can defuse a potential conflict with activists

Over 700 activists are planning to occupy private land near Copenhagen’s historic ramparts, a stone’s throw from the Christiania commune, on May 21.

Activist group, BZ Minen, has planned the operation in response to what it considers the ‘unacceptable speculation’ of a former naval mine depot by Sidsel de Linde, daughter of construction magnate Mogens de Linde.

Spokesperson Emily, speaking to metroXpress newspaper, argued that it was legitimate to occupy the property that has been deserted for several years.

“The owner has let the area deteriorate and is just waiting to sell it,” she said.

The group, which coordinated the action through a Facebook group and meetings at the Folkets Hus centre in the Nørrebro district, have plastered Copenhagen with posters calling for help to “build your own sanctuary”. There are plans to build workshops and studios on the land.

While the police are prepared to stop the activists from occupying the private property, they are hoping to resolve the issue before the attempted occupation.

“We are aware of the situation and are preparing ourselves for an operation. But we hope we can prevent it through dialogue with the young people,” Jens Jespersen from Amager police station told metroXpress.

“We would much rather that than rolling in with our armoured vehicles.”

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