KESC employees’ strike cripples industrial activities

KARACHI: The continuous strike resorted by the employees of Karachi Electric Supply Corporation (KESC) has crippled industrial activities in the financial hub of the country. While KESC continued to suffer disruption and subversion at the hands of CBA Union and its outside connivers for fourth consecutive day Thursday, the SITE Association of Industry representing more than 3000 industries in SITE area seems much perturbed. The industries in Site area also suffering of burnt sub-stations, PMTs and disconnected electricity supply network at a number of places, forcefully closed down operation offices and complaints centres, blocked the repair and maintenance work, damaged and destroyed the utility’s assets, equipment and vehicles. Complaints are being received from the industries that their power supply is discontinued for the last four days in most of the cases but KESC management is helpless in repairing the faults. The faults are being attended through out source by the KESC management but the pace is very slow. The senior vice chairman Site Association has demanded of the local administration and law enforcement agencies to provide protection to KESC’s employees, assets and equipment as directed by the Governor Sindh and under the orders of Sindh High Court, in order to normalise the disrupted power supply system. staff report\05\13\story_13-5-2011_pg5_9


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