1400 Customs paralyzed the airport and the port of Algiers

Customs protesters said they rejected the latest salary increases they considered insignificant, not exceeding 8,000 dinars.
The secretary general of the customs union of the port of Algiers, Kamel Ramdani, said yesterday that customs have decided to organize a sit-in of protest for one day to express their rejection and claim for a review by making them participate in its enrichment.

M. Ramdani said the turnout in the sit-in was very important as all customs took part, even those working in the Directorate General to protest against the exclusion and marginalization, in addition to the terrible conditions in which they live and work. They alone bear the criminal responsibility in any slippage,” he said. According to our interlocutor, several provinces have participated in this initiative, like Tipaza, Blida and border provinces.

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