Santa Cruz teachers to be sanctioned if strike not lifted

The ongoing teachers conflict that halted the oil production in Santa Cruz reached its 34th day and tension grew due to the CGT said the protest “is a whim,” while governor Daniel Peralta is analyzing how to recover the lost school-days.

The measure of the teachers, which has so far included 24 days of strike and 11 days of route blockades in the north oil zone, where 95 percent of Santa Cruz oil is produced, and 20 percent of the national production of oil is produced as well.

The General Secretary of CGT Santa Cruz Mario Aguilera said the he considers the strike “went from being a salary conflict to a personal whim, because labour conflicts are solved through dialogue and in the bargaining table.”

The Santa Cruz Labour Secretariat urged the unions to abide by the mandatory conciliation- “The conflict has become political, because only one union is in strike, despite the fact that the offered raise they’d become the union with the highest income levels in the country.”

Adosac and Amet teachers’ union consider that the conflict began in February together with classes, so they contested the date set by the mandatory conciliation set by the Labour Secretariat and didn’t abide by it,

Union delegates said they want to resume dialogue with “no pressures,” but the provincial authorities says they can’t do so if they unionists don’t lift the strike. Teachers demand a fifty percent raise in salaries.
Governor Daniel Peralta is analyzing how to recover the lost school-days and is considering applying monetary sanctions to the teachers if the strike isn’t lifted.

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