Mauritania secondary education union declares 3-day strike

Mauritania secondary education union declares 3-day strike – The National Secondary Education Union of Mauritania (SNES) Saturday called for a three-day strike (8, 9 and 10 May), to claim ‘better living conditions’ for teachers. In a statement issued in Nouakchott, SNES demanded an increase of the housing insurance, the building of social houses, a social support by the National Insurance for Disease (CNAM) and the suppression of the Tax on wages and salaries (ITS).

The union also condemned ‘pressures and threats’ and accused the Mauritanian authorities of ‘violation’ of the national and international labour legislations.

The SNES reiterated its determination to do everything to meet the satisfaction of its members’ ‘legitimate’ claims, warning that failure by the government would not allow the Mauritanian educational system overcome the crisis it has been experiencing for years.

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