Turkish workers in Russia on strike

Some 250 Turkish employees working in Russia’s Vladivostok province have gone on strike after not receiving their wages, according to PrimaMedia, a Russian news agency.

The news report said the 250 employees were brought in by a subcontractor company, Regiontehstroys, to work on a construction site belonging to the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation, or APEC, in Russky Island off Vladivostok.

Workers said they accepted to work upon the company’s promise to pay a monthly wage of $4,000, but they have not been paid the full promised amount. As the company did not pay the employers what was agreed they went on strike. Turkish employees announced they would continue to strike until the company pays the wages.

“The company that brought us here now wants to pay us only $300 a month and buy our flights. They also wanted us to sign a document stating we were paid the full amount. As we have not accepted, they will not give us our passports,” workers said.

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